Album Review: Metro Station

Album Review: Metro Station


Metro Station

Facts about this album:

* Metro Station are Trace Cyrus (vocals/guitar), Masson Musso (guitar), Blake Healy (synth) and Anthony Improgo (drums).

* Trace Cyrus is the son of country star Billy Ray Cyrus and brother of pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

* Metro Station’s fan club is called ‘the Underground’.

Album review:

One has to feel for Trace Cyrus, Metro Station’s exuberantly-inked, MySpace-faced singer and guitarist – between them, his father Billy Ray and sister Miley have made the family name a high watermark of quality to trailer-park dwellers, tweenagers… and literally nobody else. All of which makes being taken seriously a problematic task. Perhaps sensibly, Metro Station don’t try too hard. Put simply, if you find PATD too slick and safe, you’ll want to avoid this record. The basic DNA is the same, but on ‘Wish We Were Older’ and ‘Kelsey’, it’s been sanitized to a PG-rating. There are a couple of standout moments, such as the clubworthy ‘Shake It’ and ‘California’, but if you’re reading this, you’re too old for it. And that’s no bad thing.

Barry Nicolson

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