Album review: Mew – ‘No More Stories’

Album review: Mew - 'No More Stories'


Proggy dreampop to make you crack out the metaphors

Always inventive, often beautiful and occasionally totally sublime, [a]Mew[/a] have always stood out from the pack, and this latest – with producer Rich Costey back on board – sees them raise the bar that extra inch higher. From the powerful opener [b]‘New Terrain’[/b] onwards, [b]‘No More Stories’[/b] makes you want to throw dangerous metaphors around like an online fanzine reviewer. [b]‘Hawaii’[/b], for example, will make you want to scream ‘widescreen’ from the top of an icy mountain, while the gorgeous [b]‘Cartoons And Macramé Wounds’[/b] is simultaneously ‘epic’, ‘lush’ and ‘woozy’. And YouTube the [a]Fever Ray[/a]-like video for [b]‘Introducing Palace Players’[/b]. If you’re not sold by the time the lasers hit the snail tentacles, then you’re simply dead inside.

[b]Tim Chester[/b]

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