Album Review: Mi Ami



Facts about this album:

Mi Ami are Daniel Martin-McCormick, Justin Long and Damon Palermo.

‘Watersports’ was recorded mostly live over two and a half days

Mi Ami want to create “literal sound spaces that blur the line between the mechanical, electrical and living.”

Album review:

After disbanding DC art-punkers Black Eyes, Daniel Martin-McCormick and Jacob Long moved west to San Francisco to clear their heads and join forces with drummer Damon Palermo. Taking cues from ’60s free jazz, dub and disco and combining it with the punk-rock sensibilities of their former outfit, ‘Watersports’ is a delirious fever-dream of an album. ‘Echononecho’ comes on like a primal marching band, layered with bubbling bass and percussion. Hypnotic, rolling rhythms build unsettlingly under the fuzzy bliss-outs of ‘White Wife’ and ‘Pressure’ only to be shattered by stabbing guitar coated in reverb which amplifies the cannibalistic drumming, while Martin-McCormick’s cracked caterwaul is the pure sound of sacrificial slaughter.

Tessa Harris