Album Review: Mi Ami – ‘Steal Your Face’ (Thrill Jockey)

Album Review: Mi Ami - 'Steal Your Face' (Thrill Jockey)


An erratic EP whose behaviour intoxicates

If you’re doing something vaguely original in hipster guitar land today, you won’t be for long. In a subculture of culture sharks, the rip-offs are instantaneous – thus ‘lo-fi’ fuzz, beards and a dude-like drawl have torn through the hipster community of late like Californian wildfire. But no-one wants to copy [b]Mi Ami[/b]. The San Franciscan trio suffer arcane, kaleidoscopic seizures that are often wildly embarrassing – [i]“I felt something man, I got excited”[/i], frontman Daniel Martin-McCormick explains on [b]‘Latin Lover’[/b]. [i]“Is it cool, to get excited?”[/i] The question’s delivered in a shredded-throat screech: half-apologetic, half-goading. As the EP progresses, its erratic behaviour starts to intoxicate – [b]‘Dreamers’[/b] is brains blowing in slow-mo; [b]‘Secrets’[/b] misbehaves like it’s [b]At The Drive-In[/b] on carnival drugs. In the fury of these cool-crushing rushes [b]Mi Ami[/b] are exhilarating, roaring forwards, chasing risk like [b]Can[/b] tied to the back of a pick-up truck and dragged across the surface of the sun.

[b]Kev Kharas[/b]

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