Album Review: Mi Ami – Dolphins (Thrill Jockey)

Album Review: Mi Ami - Dolphins (Thrill Jockey)


Replacing any musical finesse with annoyance and synth confusion

Although [a]Mi Ami[/a]’s previous output – think a proto-Islet hopped up on jungle juice – didn’t pay much heed to reason, bassist Jacob Long apparently took any semblance of common sense with him when he quit earlier this year.

The remaining members, Damon and Daniel, took their chance to reinvent [a]Mi Ami[/a] as a synth duo, thus erasing much of their ingenuity in favour of irritating, obvious Hi-NRG euphoria and, on [b]‘Echo’[/b], Daniel shrieking like [a]The Rapture[/a]’s Luke Jenner suffering night visions over dated punk-funk scree.

Occasionally they hit an addictive groove, but you’d hope so given that the songs are each five to 10 minutes long. Messy, and not in the good way.

Laura Snapes


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