Micah P Hinson – ‘Micah P Hinson And The Nothing’

Micah P Hinson - 'Micah P Hinson And The Nothing'


The Texan singer-songwriter overcomes a car crash to make his darkest effort yet

Coming out in 2010 with some political beliefs that were much further right than those of most young musicians may have contributed to a drop in Micah P Hinson’s profile, but he also hasn’t released an album since then because, he claims, his “arms hung in the balance” after a car crash in Spain in 2011. Created from demos he’d written before the crash, which he later recorded, it’s certainly Hinson’s darkest and most weary album yet. It starts atypically with a very Gun Club-like barnstormer, ‘How Are You Just A Dream?’, before settling onto the kind of dusty, alt.country terrain more usually associated with the Texan singer-songwriter. Lead single ‘On The Way Home (To Abilene)’ and ‘God Is Good’ are pure Hinson – wistful story songs with a sting in their tale. There’s family mythology, too (‘The Life, Living, Death And Dying, Of A Certain And Peculiar LJ Nichols’), and, here we go, communists (‘Sons Of The USSR’).

Phil Hebblethwaite


Director: Micah P Hinson, Fernanda 'Mac' Macava
Record label: Talitres
Release date: 10 Mar, 2014