Mike Wexler – ‘Dispossession’

Mike Wexler - 'Dispossession'


He could take this somewhere far darker

The most arresting thing about Mike Wexler’s Mexican Summer debut is just how much it sounds like Kentucky’s The For Carnation, the band Brian McMahan and David Pajo formed post-Slint. For the uninitiated, TFC dealt in the most insidiously evil, elegiac doom you may ever hear. A promised work indeed. Vocally, Wexler occupies ground between McMahan and Nick Drake, conjuring Drake’s mournful, bucolic acoustic tones amid shades of Pink Floyd-shaded folk. Beautifully recorded strings and piano occasionally break the intimidating, sustained reverie, and the stark, rolling drums of ‘Prime’ suggest that Wexler could take this somewhere far darker.

[i]Laura Snapes[/i]


Director: Mike Wexler, Matt Marinelli
Record label: Mexican Summer
Release date: 02 Apr, 2012