Milagres – ‘Glowing Mouth’

Milagres - 'Glowing Mouth'


This record treads no new ground

[a]Milagres[/a] frontman Kyle Wilson left Brooklyn after he felt had “grown stale”, retreating to mountainous wilds in search of creative succour. Sound familiar? His five-piece band’s UK debut retreads more familiar ground than a crime scene reconstruction: opener [b]‘Halfway’[/b] would be a lovely, elegant [a]Coldplay[/a] song, which jars awkwardly into [b]‘Here To Stay’[/b], a half-arsed [a]Arcade Fire[/a]-like look at a youth where “[i]I was the cure, I spoke in tongues[/i]”. The rest hovers lazily between [a]Grizzly Bear[/a]’s dusty orchestral shadow and Menomena’s way with drawing lumps to the throat, yet boasts the emotional potency of neither. A pleasant listen, but it’s hardly fresh.

[i]Laura Snapes[/i]


Director: Fraser McCulloch
Record label: Memphis Industries
Release date: 16 Jan, 2012