Album review: Minitel Rose

Album review: Minitel Rose


The French Machine

The initial signs are not good. A third-generation electro outfit with an ’80s fetish (the name is a nod to retro French communications technology, and they claim to take musical inspiration from The A-Team and Knight Rider), Paris’ Minitel Rose seem to represent everything hackneyed about not-so-new-rave. But get over the Commodore 64 artwork and you’ll discover that Minitel share Klaxons’ melodic sensibility, Boy Crisis’ lissom sophistication and, at their best (whistle-tastic single ‘Magic Powder’, a potential indie-electro ‘Young Folks’), Lykke Li’s spare sound palette. They should ease off the shrill, clichéd Justice synths, but there is a bright glimmer of real promise here.

Tony Naylor

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