Album Review: Minks – By The Hedge (Captured Tracks)

Album Review: Minks - By The Hedge (Captured Tracks)


Carnivorous, gothy, lo-fi and fuzzy - Minks rich denseness is far more satisfying than TPOBPAH

Though mention of the words ‘lo-fi’, ‘fuzzy’ and ‘goth pop’ might be enough to make you wish [a]Kelis[/a] would come and stomp all over these blog-infesting rodents with her killer heels of mighty bangitude to fashion herself a new stole, hey – don’t hate the playa, hate the game. Anyway, the cavernous, gothy likes of ‘[b]Out Of Tune[/b]’ have a depth tinted deeper than sepia, ‘[b]Life At Dusk[/b]’ a rich denseness that makes this a much more satisfying and varied listen than the likes of [b]TPOBPAH[b/]. The title of ‘[b]Folkin’ Hell[/b]’ even suggests a sense of humour. In summary then, better than most if you like that sort of thing.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]