Album review: Minus The Bear – ‘Omni’ (Dangerbird)

Album review: Minus The Bear - 'Omni' (Dangerbird)


Seattle prog-rockers take a last stab at the mainstream

After nine years, three records and countless EPs, [a]Minus The Bear[/a] have produced an enigma with their fourth album proper. The Seattle prog-rockers are still knee deep in debt to [a]Pele[/a] (the US band, not the footballer) for their sophisticated math-rock tendencies. Supplemented by alluringly crisp synths, the hooks are as infectious as ever. Tracks such as [b]‘Excuses’[/b], [b]’Animal Backwards’[/b] and, in particular, [b]‘Into the Mirror’[/b] caress the ears with hypnotic funk, yet these triumphs are only ripples against a stronger tide, as lyrically [b]‘Omni’[/b] is a damp blanket. Opener [b]‘My Time’[/b] has all the vomit-inducing pop-rock stylings of [a]Maroon 5[/a], whereas [b]‘Hold Me Down’[/b] is merely an electric version of Patrick Swayze’s [i]Dirty Dancing[/i] ‘classic’ [b]‘She’s Like The Wind’[/b]. After nearly a decade on the scene, perhaps this is the band’s last stab at mainstream success, but here’s hoping that like the comical names of their early offerings, we can put this down as just a phase.

[b]Sam Rowe[/b]

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