Album review: Mirrors – Lights and Offerings (Skint)

Album review: Mirrors - Lights and Offerings (Skint)


Synth-Pop politeness sprinkled with optimism and an undercurrent of watery content.

In theory, there’s little quibbling to be had with [a]Mirrors[/a]’ manifesto of dunking some choice electro-pop influences in a giant bath of glitter-glue so they come up more sparkly than [a]Cheryl Cole[/a]’s porcelain veneers.

But while [b]‘Into The Heart’[/b] and [b]‘Something On Your Mind’[/b] are satisfyingly glossy, forebears like [a]New Order[/a] and [a]Depeche Mode[/a] really struck gold by gilding their synth-pop with a sense of dread and desolation; in contrast, [a]Mirrors[/a]’ complaints of “[i]The rain’s falling in/And greasing your skin[/i]” on [b]‘Fear Of Drowning’[/b] sound like nothing that a bit of Clearasil wouldn’t sort out.

Undeniably, they’re shiny and distracting, but peer a little closer and the polish starts to dull rather quickly.

Ben Hewitt


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