Mission Of Burma – ‘Unsound’

Mission Of Burma - 'Unsound'


The post-punk luminaries don't disappoint

They’ve been heralded as post-punk luminaries, but you’d need at least three more posts to describe the sprawling path Mission Of Burma have trod since reuniting in 2002. On their fourth album since the seminal ‘Vs’, their scope broadens but constants remain: Clint Conley’s milky vocals; Roger Miller’s cerebral metallic guitars; Pete Prescott’s drunken drum pound. ‘Sectionals In Mourning’ traverses melodic bass thrums, Prescott’s gang-recruiting shouts and Miller wielding his guitar like a broken weapon. Shellac’s Bob Weston throws disorientating tape-loop curveballs throughout, further disturbing Burma’s thrilling clatter, which shames bands half their age.

[i]Thom Gibbs[/i]


Director: Bob Weston
Record label: Fire
Release date: 09 Jul, 2012