Album Review: Mister Heavenly – ‘Out Of Love’

Album Review: Mister Heavenly - 'Out Of Love'


Some of their finest work to date

Boasting perhaps the indie-est collective CV in musical history (to wit: [b]The Unicorns[/b], [b]Islands[/b], [b]Man Man[/b], [a]The Shins[/a] and [a]Modest Mouse[/a]), [a]Mister Heavenly[/a]’s debut is the sound of three seasoned band-dudes throwing off the shackles and having what sounds like a lot of fun. Leftfield guitar music par excellence you’d probably expect – and [b]‘Bronx Sniper’[/b] and [b]‘Mister Heavenly’[/b] are two near-perfect examples of the genre – but it’s the unlikely, R&B-inspired slow-jams ([b]‘Doom Wop’[/b], [b]‘Diddy Eyes’[/b]) that deliver [b]‘Out Of Love’[/b]’s gnarliest curveballs. Taken as a whole, it’s some of Nick Thorburn, Ryan Kattner and Joe Plummer’s finest work to date.

Rob Webb