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Mogwai - Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1


A six-track EP of 'Rave Tapes' offcuts and remixes makes a pleasant enough diversion

When Mogwai release an album, it’s usually safe to assume that extras will follow. The ‘Earth Division’ EP followed seven months after ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’ in 2011. And so it is with these six songs, comprising three from sessions for January’s ‘Rave Tapes’ and three remixes. Cynics may say it’s an effort to peddle chaff, but opener ‘Teenage Exorcists’ really would have been an awkward fit on ‘Rave Tapes’, a rare vocal-led effort with the enveloping guitar of shoegaze and REM’s anthemic tenderness. More plausible is the idea that ‘History Day’ and ‘HMP Shaun William Ryder’ were left off the album because they’re basically Mogwai-by-numbers. Of the remixes, Fuck Buttons’ Ben Power, trading as Blanck Mass, triumphs – ‘Re-Remurdered’ successfully transforms the enduring Glaswegians into widescreen techno. Pye Corner Audio, turning ‘No Medicine For Regret’ into something akin to ’90s ambient trance, and German pianist Nils Frahm taking on ‘The Lord Is Out Of Control’ are diverting but slight.

Noel Gardner


Director: Mogwai, Paul Savage
Record label: Rock Action
Release date: 01 Dec, 2014