Album Review: Monarchy – ‘Around The Sun’

Album Review: Monarchy - 'Around The Sun'


They finally release a debut album - but is it too late?

It almost feels as if [a]Monarchy[/a] have missed their bite at the apple. The Australian duo appeared two years ago hawking their slick brand of euro-pop along with [a]Hurts[/a] and [a]Sound Of Arrows[/a]. Now, after precursory releases through Kitsuné and Neon Gold, they’re finally releasing their debut album – but is it all a bit too late? While [b]‘Jealous Guy’[/b], with its The Rapture-via-Tears for Fears disco-funk, and the future-disco echoes of single [b]‘Gold In The Fire’[/b] still sound fresh, other tracks, like [b]‘Floating Cars’[/b], err on the wrong side of Eurovision, with climbing synths and detached vocals. Equally, new track [b]‘Maybe I’m Crazy’[/b] hints at [a]Steps[/a] rather than [a]Soft Cell[/a] – more’s the pity.

Ailbhe Malone