Mothlite – ‘Dark Age’

Mothlite - 'Dark Age'


A beguiling affair

Daniel O’Sullivan’s second album as Mothlite is a constant battle with melancholia, played out in high definition and high drama. Listening to ‘Dark Age’ can feel like sensory immersion; the bass shakes the headphones on ‘Wounded Lions’, the opening track, and the all-consuming sensation

is liable to cause motion sickness. The album transcends genre, yet takes in elements from the dark shadows of industrial rock, the glitch of electronica. At times, it seems as though the music was created as a comfort blanket for the vocals, which jar occasionally, shoe-horned in. Though the album has a tendency to drift, given enough attention, it’s a beguiling affair.

Hayley Avron


Director: Knut Jonas Sellevold
Record label: Kscope
Release date: 30 Apr, 2012