Album Review: Mount Kimbie – ‘Carbonated EP’

Album Review: Mount Kimbie - 'Carbonated EP'


The London duo dodge commercial pressures

Different people want very different things from ‘dubstep’, the genre that demands bigger inverted commas with every passing week. Some want howling mid-range chainsaw brutality; others want dimly re-imagined chillout beats and emotive white-soul singing. London duo [a]Mount Kimbie[/a] are stronger than the latter temptation; this six-track mini-selection bows to no imagined commercial pressure.

[b]‘Carbonated’[/b] itself, from last year’s [b]‘Crooks & Lovers’[/b] album, slices up garage sweetness and fuzzy unease. Of the new selections, [b]‘Flux’[/b] is winningly ravey, [b]‘Bave’s Chords’[/b] a dubby cocoon, while Peter Van Hoesen’s remix of [b]‘Carbonated’[/b] is a jittery shot of techno adrenaline.

Noel Gardner