Album Review: Mountain Man – ‘Made The Harbour’ (Bella Union)

Album Review: Mountain Man - 'Made The Harbour' (Bella Union)


A welcome antidote to pseudo-country ramblings

Anyone expecting [b]Mountain Man[/b] to be a rag-tag bunch of grizzled rockers sporting wispy grey beards and plaid shirts may be disappointed to encounter this trio of decidedly non-hirsute young women from the sparse climes of Vermont. In truth, though, it’s those harmonies – as sweet as a descending stream – that allows [b]‘Made The Harbor’[/b] to stand out from the growling tones of their competitors. The “twee twee twee” chirping on [b]‘Sewee Sewee’[/b] may err on the side of… well, twee, but there’s a purity to the gorgeous [b]‘White Heron’[/b] and [b]‘Arabella’[/b] that serves as a welcome antidote to the pseudo-country ramblings of [b]Fleet Foxes[/b] and their ilk.

[b]Ben Hewitt[/b]

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