MS MR – ‘How Does It Feel?’

MS MR - 'How Does It Feel?'


A glossy pop sheen can't hide the unease on Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow's second album

As co-founder of New York label Neon Gold – which has released records by Haim, Charli XCX and Marina & The Diamonds – Lizzy Plapinger deals in bold pop hooks on a daily basis. It’s a role she carries into MS MR, the band she formed with producer Max Hershenow in 2011. The duo’s second album (following 2013’s dreamy ‘Secondhand Rapture’) is coated in glossy pop sheen, but it’s also full of depth and nuance. They tackle romantic upheaval (“How does it feel with my teeth in his heart?” asks the sleek title track), feeling lost (the jazzy piano and snapping beats of ‘Tunnels’) and existential crisis (“When your skin doesn’t feel like home/And I don’t wanna break down and feel alone”, ‘Wrong Victory’). MS MR might lack some of the extrovert star quality of the acts Plapinger usually signs, but ‘How Does It Feel’ is an emotional ride that shows she has plenty of her own worth sharing.


Director: MS MR, Zach Nicita
Record label: Columbia
Release date: 17 Jul, 2015