Album Review: Munch Munch, ‘Double Visions’ (Upset The Rhythm)

Album Review: Munch Munch, 'Double Visions' (Upset The Rhythm)


Bold new noise from the Bristol quartet

Sleep is a cruel mistress. While it’s off playing hooky with deeper snoozers, most of us whimper and contort under duvets. Not Bristolian thrash-pop quartet [a]Munch Munch[/a], however, who wrote much of their batshit-crazy debut while mired in self-induced late-night lucubrations. Unsurprisingly, it’s as odd as a dream, a left-brain noise freakout where [a]Klaxons[/a] intone ritualistic curses ’pon your damned soul, [b]Man Man’s[/b] Honus Honus uses your teeth for organ keys and [b]Islet[/b]-authored A Brief History Of Time. Their reluctance to commit to choruses or hooks wears a little, but there’s promise in spades; no cause for further sleepless nights, anyway.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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