My Best Fiend – ‘In Ghostlike Fading’

My Best Fiend - 'In Ghostlike Fading'


Hardly the start of a new era, but there’s promise here

There’s a real millennial feel to the debut from these Brooklynites – and we don’t mean they’re all angsty about the Y2K bug and nu-metal. No, the tousled five-piece’s epic harks back to ’90s psych Americana – the vocals of Fred Coldwell, from the same school [a]The Flaming Lips[/a]’ Wayne Coyne attended, are bathed in the grand atmosphere that mid-period Mercury Rev so excelled at creating. ‘Jesus Christ’ and the title track, shrouded in reverb, are standouts, but elsewhere, as on the overwrought ‘One Velvet Day’, [a]My Best Fiend[/a] only channel the most tedious moments of [a]Spiritualized[/a]. They’re hardly bringing in a new era, but there’s definite promise here.

[i]Tom Pinnock[/i]


Director: Matt Boynton
Record label: Warp
Release date: 27 Feb, 2012