Album review: My Latest Novel

Album review: My Latest Novel


Deaths And Entrances

Like MIA, Los Campesinos! and anything Brian Eno’s ever produced, there’s the sense that enjoying MLN somehow makes you a more astute music fan. It’s perhaps because debut ‘Wolves’ was so gushed over it should’ve come with a free towel, but the over-zealous orchestration of the likes of ‘Argument Against The Man’ and ‘All In All In All Is All’ and the self-indulgent choral folk wankery that is ‘A Dear Green Place’ just ache under the weight of their own seriousness. Granted, the chiming slice of wonder that is ‘I Declare A Ceasefire’ partially remedies these wrongs, but it’s like buying a lamb rogan josh and finding one solitary chunk of meat in a sad little puddle of sauce. And there’s no bloody naan left.

Ben Patashnik

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