Album Review: My Sad Captains – ‘Here And Elsewhere’

Album Review: My Sad Captains - 'Here And Elsewhere'


Nice-enough-but-predictable Americana-leaning indie

There’s no getting away from it, there’s something distinctly Blue Peter about this Camden quintet. We can’t help picturing them playing in matching knitted cardigans and black-rimmed specs chiming every fourth beat of the bar in an organic juice café in Brighton. With this in mind, there is a certain ‘here’s one we made earlier’ feel about their lethargic Wilco/Sparklehorse melodies and downbeat tempo. This Americana-indie debut

does exactly what it says on the tin, but the fact is we’ve been here, there and elsewhere already with the jingly-jangly, vegan harmonies of The Magic Numbers, The Little Ones and… oh, you get the idea. All in all, it’s an agreeable debut, but a predictable one nonetheless.

Kat Lister

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