Album Review: My Toys Like Me

Album Review: My Toys Like Me


Sweet but twisted lullabies

It’s about time a band left their recording studio having grasped the importance of restraining synths without relying entirely on software like Reason. MTLM are an experimental beauty; a kaleidoscope of mood-inducing nectar from vocalist Frances Noon with a mixture of upside-down chill and dub swooping over her like a cheeky bedtime story after you’ve lied about brushing your teeth. A bedtime tantrum is far from her child-like whispers, but she’s sure got inner anger – lyrically, noon explores topics you’d find banned from cBeebies. On ‘Barnaby’ she gently confesses, “I’m lying in bed with a bit of a twat”. It’s this blunt contrast that sweetly tucks you in, favourite battered teddy bear in tow.

[b]Kelly Murray[/b]

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