Album Review: N-Dubz, ‘Live Love Life’ (Universal)

Album Review: N-Dubz, 'Live Love Life' (Universal)


The latest from Dappy and co

What [a]N-Dubz[/a] try to express as anthemic wisdom always seems to come out braggier and shoutier than they mean it to, especially when [b]Dappy[/b] – a self-righteous storm in a tea cosy – takes the mic. His intense need to be seen as a grown-up man’s man pushes him to write macho tommyrot like [b]‘Toot It And Boot It’[/b], but it leaves him too proud to call out for a soulmate ([b]‘Best Behaviour’[/b]) without accidentally suggesting that this is because he can’t cook (“[i]I need some kind of lady that will feed me daily[/i]”). This is, of course, both crackers and compelling, like a philosophy lecture in a chimps’ tea party.

[b]Fraser McAlpine[/b]