Nancy Elizabeth – ‘Dancing’

Nancy Elizabeth - 'Dancing'


Songs with all the impact of a flutter of nymph wings

Singer-songwriter Nancy Elizabeth may sing about being “flat broke” on third album ‘Dancing’, but it hasn’t stopped her accumulating a piano, several guitars and a host of other instruments in the four years since 2009’s ‘Wrought Iron’. Whether she’s actually poverty-stricken or just pretending, the 29-year-old has put together a set of songs so delicate it has all the impact of a flutter of nymph wings. Nancy employs piano as her main instrument and its comparatively weighty timbre provides a much-needed counterpoint to the floatiness of songs like ‘Heart’ and ‘Desire’, just about preventing the album from scuttling off on the breeze.

Simon Jay Catling


Record label: The Leaf Label
Release date: 20 May, 2013