Album Review: Napoleon IIIrd – Christiania (Brainlove)

Album Review: Napoleon IIIrd - Christiania (Brainlove)


2010 might almost be up, but 'Christiania' makes itself heard with exuberance and charm

Imagine if Springsteen’s soul had been captured by synth-wielding Europeans and sent on an odyssey by anarcho-syndicalists intent on breaking into Bletchley Park to hold a disco. Such is the embarrassment of musical riches that is ‘[b]Christiania[/b]’, the product of the mysterious [b]Napoleon IIIrd[/b]. The album follows the pattern of [a]David Bowie[/a]’s Eno-produced LPs – an excitable, genre-hopping first half that straddles the ballsy opener ‘[b]The Unknown Unknown[/b]’ via the giddy, AC-esque ‘[b]The Hardline Optimist[/b]’ to the exuberant chant of ‘[b]That Town[/b]’, before a denouement of giddy bliss, all synth drone and sandy-toe dance. A perfect late curio of 2010.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]