Album Review: Navvy

Album Review: Navvy


Idyll Intangible

Facts about this album:

* Navvy are based in Sheffield, and are Claire Hill, Keith Jones, Marie McCulloch and Dafydd Spink.

* ‘Idyll Intangible’ is their debut album and was recorded in just eight days.

Album review:

‘Art-pop’ is a much bandied-around term that makes most people start gnashing their teeth and foaming at the mouth, so it’s a good thing Sheffield four-piece Navvy seem more into finger-painting than expressionism. Sounding like Wire if their primary songwriter was an excitable five-year-old with a taste for new wave electro (and with only one track tipping the three-minute mark), it’s perfect for die-hard popsters who, like us, get bored waiting for the kettle to boil. Opener ‘Navvy’ is early ‘Art Star’-era Yeah Yeah Yeahs re-imagined by a slicker and less po-faced Hot Puppies and is brilliant. In fact, they sound like a brace of awesome forgotten noughties bands, like 586. They should be massive.

Rebecca Robinson

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