Necro – ‘The Murder Murder Kill Kill EP’


This is about as nasty as he’s ever been

Some say veteran NY producer and ‘death rap’ pioneer Necro is a sick man – indeed, earlier this year he joined that exclusive club of modern artistes cited as an influencing factor in a murder case. Smarter people, however, acknowledge that Necro is merely sick, man – a prolific creator of baroque thump-beats and rhymes obsessed with death, porn and Jewish activism. His ninth album proper is about as nasty as he’s ever been – the litany of ugly celebrity shag fantasies that is ‘I’m Like Howard Stern’ sees to that – but there is scabrous wit to augment the mic-brutalising. This record is sick, but in a good way.

Pete Cashmore


Record label: Psycho+Logical
Release date: 30 Jul, 2012