Album Review: Nedry – ‘Condors’


Sometimes naughty but altogether too nice

There’s two sides to [b]Nedry[/b]. One is given to taking faintly voguish reference points, lopping off the sharp edges and smoothing out the kinks. It’s pretty, but weirdly bloodless – [b]‘Apples And Pears’[/b] builds from a folky, trip-hop refrain into a Hatcha-style wobbler with a Björk-y vocal, while [b]‘Where The Dead Birds Go’[/b] feels like [a]Portishead[/a] aping a [b]Luomo[/b] record. The other is less polite and is exemplified by [b]‘Scattered’[/b], a slice of frenetic Warp-esque IDM with swampy overdriven guitars and a gut-wrenching sub-bass kiss-off. It’s the equivalent of that boy in the papers mutilating his genitalia on plant food, but doing it at the Big Chill and ‘spoiling the vibe’. Message to the band: ignore your nicer side in future.

[b]Louise Brailey[/b]

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