Album Review: Neil Young – Le Noise (Reprise)

Album Review: Neil Young - Le Noise (Reprise)


The potential is lost beneath endlessly unconvincing soundscapes

Daniel Lanois’ sonic burble trick-switch may well have worked many times on [b]The Edge[/b]’s pedal-frazzled guitar lines, but the beauty of [a]Neil Young[/a]’s primal proto-grunge is its relentless, simplistic chug. That was well to the fore when Young debuted some of these songs on his well-received Twisted Road tour this summer but, in the studio, producer [b]Lanois[/b] has removed their urgency almost completely. On what could have been his most fired-up album in years, Young ends up smothered by unconvincing soundscapes on all but two acoustic tunes that stand out by virtue of actually not sounding like a hurricane.

[b]Jason Draper[/b]

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