Neil Young – ‘Storytone’


Neil Young's 35th LP boasts both solo and orchestra-backed soppy compositions

One of the busiest sexegenarians in the game, Neil Young’s 35th album, and second of the year, is comprised of two ten-track records: one solo acoustic, the other backed by a Disney worthy orchestra and big band. In-between April’s ‘A Letter Home’ (recorded in a renovated 1947 vinyl-recording booth with Jack White at Third Man Records), his ongoing divorce proceedings and launching music download service Pono, he’s crafted a tender and often forlorn eco-treatise. It skips between the deeply political and the delicately personal. ‘Plastic Flowers’ and ‘Who’s Gonna Stand Up?’ see him lamenting the doomed future of the earth, and ‘I’m Glad I Found You’ and ‘When I Watch You Sleeping’ shine a light on the soppier side of Shakey.


Record label: Reprise
Release date: 08 Dec, 2014