Album review: Neil’s Children – ‘X.Enc’

Album review: Neil's Children - 'X.Enc'


Nice collection of influences, not much else

Not many bands wait a decade to release their debut album – so kudos to Cheshunt trio Neils Children for achieving that, at least. Label battles and scrapped albums caused the gestation but, unfortunately, this isn’t enough for us to classify ‘X.Enc’ alongside ‘Loveless’. Clearly enormous PiL-heads, the band siphon most of their influence from Public Image Limited’s 1979 classic ‘Metal Box’ – all claws-on-blackboard guitar screeches, taut Joy aDivision drums and singer John Linger’s echo-pain vocals. But this kind of music needs syringe-point accuracy and, although songs like ‘An Exchange’ show early-Liars-esque promise, it’s clear that in comparison Neils Children are still in nursery school.

Jamie Fullerton

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