Album Review: Neon Indian – ‘Era Extraña’

Album Review: Neon Indian - 'Era Extraña'


Bathing listeners in dark, sonic surges

It’s hip to be square – or in the case of the year’s current musical climate, it’s hip to be anything but chillwave. Luckily, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and instead of deigning to become an expired version of himself, [a]Neon Indian[/a] emerges as Alan Palomo 2.0 and breaks free from a genre dripping with blog buzz. Leaping from its 2009 predecessor, ‘[b]Psychic Chasms[/b]’, with the first notes of ‘[b]Heart: Attack[/b]’, ‘[b]Era Extraña[/b]’ becomes a lesson in how to execute electronic music properly. Tracks like ‘[b]Fallout[/b]’ and ‘[b]Hex Girlfriend[/b]’ turn waves into tsunamis, bathing listeners in dark, sonic surges where ‘[b]Psychic Chasms[/b]’ dared not go. Let’s hope his fanbase can hang on for the ride.

[i]Anne T Donahue[/i]


Director: Dave Fridmann
Record label: Static Tongues
Release date: 13 Sep, 2011