Anything extraneous, even a title, is gone

New Young Pony Club have gone minimal, and to mark the occasion they now go by the name of NYPC. Anything extraneous, even a title, is gone for album three. Members are cut back to two – vocalist Tahita Bulmer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Spence – and flourishes are canned for a taut, sort-of-Kraftwerk framework that leaves Bulmer sounding ice-clinical, like Tom Vek. Synths swell and throb, and though ‘Things You Like’ and ‘Hard Knocks’ won’t be spinning in a rave any time soon, they’re impressively slick. At times, ‘NYPC’ is almost austere – ‘Play Hard’ features metronomic percussion and lifeless lyrics – but the steel drumming of ‘Everything Is’ leaves a warming impression.

Simon Butcher


Record label: The Numbers
Release date: 07 Oct, 2013