Album review: Newham Generals

Album review: Newham Generals


Generally Speaking

Facts about this album:

* Newham Generals are Footsie and D Double Eee.

* Former General Munk has given up music to follow Christianity.

* ‘Generally Speaking’ is their first album, released on Dizzee Rascal’s Dirtee Stank label.

Album review:

Why can you count on one hand the grime artists successful enough to afford more than three new pairs of Air Force 1s and a nine-bar? The difference between Newham Generals’ label boss, one Mr Rascal, and the Generals themselves is a shred of creative development. Fair enough, their lives are completely identical to their 2003 selves, so the ‘hustle/weed/fighting/rewinds/nominal sums of cash’ mantras can be forgiven. But what’s remarkable is that this album displays an actual marked regression in production and lyrical prowess. Compare the chilling clangs of mainman D Double E’s glory days cut ‘Frontline’ to the turgid, graphic-designer breakbeats and rave-hype cast-offs of ‘Head Get Mangled’, and just feel worse about life.

Jaimie Hodgson

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