Album Review: Nicola Roberts – ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’

Album Review: Nicola Roberts - 'Cinderella's Eyes'

Not just another boring pop album

[a]Cheryl Cole[/a] recently tweeted that she was “gutted” Twitter doesn’t have emoticons, because “they help me express what I’m saying…” That’s precisely why [a]Nicola Roberts[/a] is the better popstar. Not caring who it offends, ‘[b]Cinderella’s Eyes[/b]’ racks up Roberts’ insecurities and triumphs, and gilds them into gems, from the kitchen sink crazy stomper (‘[b]Gladiator[/b]’), to genuinely affecting (the Joe Mount-produced [b]‘I’[/b]). It’s the rallying cries that work best, though: see the brilliantly bratty ‘[b]Beat Of My Drum[/b]’, and the title track which spins like the Doctor Who theme getting ratted on poppers. Unlike Cole’s bland brand pop, Roberts’ debut wears its infectious personality all over its multi-coloured face.

Laura Snapes


Record label: A&M
Release date: 26 Sep, 2011