Night Works – ‘Urban Heat Island’

Night Works - 'Urban Heat Island'


Indie R&B has gone from novelty to hipster annoyance

In little more than a year, indie R&B has gone from novelty to hipster annoyance. But before we bolt the door on Solange et al, we should first make space for ‘Urban Heat Island’, an album from former Metronomy member Gabriel Stebbing. While Stebbing dabbles in the honeyed vocals and militant synth stabs that indie R&B has done so much to defame, he does so with a tenderness of touch and melodic skill that brings to mind Hot Chip or The Shins. There’s humour too: the brilliant rap coda on ‘Share The Weather’ is surely the work of someone who has fully absorbed Flight Of The Conchords’ ‘Inner City Pressure’ – a good thing, obviously.

Ben Cardew