Nina Nesbitt – ‘Peroxide’

Nina Nesbitt - 'Peroxide'


Bubblegum pop singer-songwriter disappoints on debut

The debut album from half-Scottish, half-Swedish songwriter Nina Nesbitt is pop so sugary it’ll rot your teeth. Cutesy keyboards, AOR acoustic guitars and syrupy lyrics about “going crazy but I don’t give a fuss!” (‘He’s The One I’m Bringing Back’) make ‘Peroxide’ pretty much everything you’d expect from a singer-songwriter discovered by Ed Sheeran and whose big break came when she Disneyfied a Fleetwood Mac song for a John Lewis advert. ‘Two Worlds Away’ aims for the heart-fluttering pop of Taylor Swift but lacks the Tennessee charmer’s wit, while the bouncy ‘Selfies’ sees Nesbitt try to win back an estranged lover by finding the perfect Instragram filter. Steer clear.

Al Horner


Record label: Island