Nine Inch Nails


Year Zero Remixed

Credit’s due to Trent Reznor: he’s been releasing ‘open source’ versions of his records since he discovered the internet, providing fans with all they need to remix their idol to death. And Reznor’s really into being remixed to death, as evidenced by the trail of semi-decent remix albums that accompany his albums proper. This time, we see Reznor handing over the masters to the likes of Saul Williams, Paul Epworth, The Faint and a few fans. Long-time touring partner Williams does the best work, adding the claustrophobic percussion to ‘Survivalism’, while Epworth (in his Phones guise) takes ‘Capital G’ and brings his usual big beats and cut-up vocals. It’ll be DJs at industrial clubnights who will be doing the most rejoicing – ‘Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D’, as the sleeve would have it, is pure apocalyptic dance and does much to erase the overlong, ambient hodgepodge that was ‘Year Zero’ from our minds.

Mike Sterry