Difficult Is Easy

Difficult Is Easy


[B]Red Monkey[/B] are currently bigger Over There (ie, the US) than they are here....

Red Monkey are currently bigger Over There (ie, the US) than they are here. But with the UK music scene fast becoming more receptive to its eminently diffident acts, that shouldn’t be a problem much longer. With roots in the infamous riot grrrl movement, and their records released on the defiantly independent Slampt label, Red Monkey are ‘no sell out’ to the bruising, balletic bone.

Equal parts Fall-esque rabble-rousing and Fugazi rhythmic rattle, ‘Difficult Is Easy’, their second LP, is a delectable feast of corkscrew angsty thrash and elegantly melancholic softer passages; the latter best represented by ‘Kissing With Tongues’, Rachel Holborow‘s plangent vocals coursing above a taut, writhing pit of guitar, the former by ‘Power And Dependence’, an example of the finest of political pot – that which sounds like you are actually deep in the battlefield yourself, Pete Dale‘s impassioned yelp riding roughshod over an urgent, freewheeling hardcore assault.

It is, of course, by no means easy listening, and the lyrics are just obtuse enough for you to be unsure exactly what Red Monkey are on about. But switch off your emotional filters, [I]feel [/I]the fire beneath the din… Red Monkey[I] mean it[/I], maaaan. Even if it’s not always clear what ‘it’ is. Dig this gorilla funk.