The 3 EPs

The 3 EPs


Seattle OGs (Original Grungers) in blatant rearguard action against the late 1990s...

Having one idea is often worse than having none at all. Ten years after they provided the portal through which grunge was discovered by releasing ‘Superfuzz Bigmuff’, the King Canutes of grunge are still standing in exactly the same spot, desperately trying to turn the tide in their favour.

That Mudhoney failed where so many of their contemporaries (Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam) succeeded is not simply a matter of chance. They never seemed overly bothered about a career, as their subsequent albums, littered with stoned in-jokes and lazy retreads of old ideas, graphically demonstrated. Strange then that they should suddenly decide now that it’s time to sharpen up their act.

Recorded with the legendary Jim Dickinson producing (a man whose CV snakes all the way from The Rolling Stones to Spiritualized), their first album since 1995’s patchy ‘My Brother The Cow’ is the sound of a band trying to prove themselves one last time. Sadly, souped-up and ultra-heavy as it is (they used 30 different fuzz-pedals while recording it), ‘Tomorrow Hits Today’ remains as defiantly unadvanced as ever.

Although intermittently exhilarating (the drugged-like repetition of ‘A Thousand Forms Of Mind’ and Dickinson’s schizophrenic guitar effects on ‘I Have To Laugh’, in particular), it contains too many tricks we’ve heard before. Most revealingly, the best song here (the swamp-whine of ‘Ghost’) isn’t even one of theirs (the Cheater Slicks take that honour).

A vivid testimony to how one great idea can kill you, ‘Tomorrow Hits Today’ is only worth investigating as a reminder of days gone by. It should be the last record they ever make.