American Made Music To Strip By

American Made Music To Strip By


Nothing's shocking any more...

Nothing’s shocking any more. At least, nothing that’s as hackneyed as ‘American Made Music To Strip By‘. Up against the seasoned shock tactics of British artist Tracey Emin, currently sending the tabloids into apoplexy by displaying a bed strewn with condoms at the Tate, Rob Zombie’s dated Alice Cooper lampoonery should barely raise the eyebrow of Middle England’s tastemakers.

Mr Zombie, though, is doing his best to modernise his schlock-horror credentials, and ‘American Made Music To Strip By‘ is a remix album of last year’s ‘Hellbilly Deluxe‘. Just another greedy ruse in metal’s lucrative electronic revolution? Oh yes. But it’s the incestuous choice of remixers that really makes it such an exercise in futility.

So, German metallers Rammstein march out some clueless jackboot techno on ‘Spookshow Baby‘; one of Nine Inch Nails that isn’t Trent Reznor potters about in the background on ‘Dragula‘; and the no doubt charming Damage Twins turn out ‘Superbeast (Porno Holocaust Mix)‘, which, if you look carefully, cleverly juxtaposes the words ‘Porno‘ and ‘Holocaust‘ in the title in order to squeeze every last drop of outrage out the whole dull, one-dimensional genre.

This isn’t hardcore. This isn’t X-rated. This is [I]Confessions Of A Pantomime Industrial Metaller[/I].