Thinking Of You

Thinking Of You


Someone needs to sit down with [a]Bogdan Raczynski[/a] and tell him this is no way to solve unrequited love...

The boy ain’t right. Someone needs to sit down with [a]Bogdan Raczynski[/a], purveyor of some of the finest exploding starcluster beats and eerie kidpop melodies Rephlex has to offer, and tell him this is no way to solve unrequited love.

See, he’s a bit intense. You might even say he’s a little scary. Only from the viewpoint of whoever it is most of these riotous, rigid techno florets are dedicated to, mind (sample track title: ‘You Broke My Heart, Now You Must Play The Part When You Come Running Back To Me’). For the casual listener, ‘Thinking Of You’ is an often inspired, mostly overcast, generally chaotic beat bolero, all Aphex-speedy drum scattershots, Japanese burbling and woozy synth doodles. As fodder for souls starved of LFO-chunky breaks, ‘Thinking Of You’ is a godsend, with the gorgeously off-balance likes of ‘All I Want Is To Be By Your Side But You Don’t Care’ proving that our Bogdan is no Richard D James castoff.

As a convincing paean to a lost lover, though, this collection of caustic electronica is hardly reassuring. Undoubtedly, as Raczynski himself states in his own ranting press release (sample line: “you can shove your worthless rag-review up your bloated ass”), his music is sincere. But that just makes it all the more terrifying.