Los Grandes Exitos En Espaqol

Los Grandes Exitos En Espaqol


All we need now is[a]Limp Bizkit[/a] to translate their greatest hits into English...

Let’s be honest: you don’t need a full grasp of the future imperfect to work out it’s still grown men discussing marijuana and fighting. ‘Los Grandes Exitos En Espaqol’ (simply, ‘The Greatest Hits In Spanish’) – is [a]Cypress Hill[/a]’s linguistic tribute to their Cuban roots, and it’s as good as its many words. See if you can guess which evergreen favourite ‘Loco En El Coco’ is.

With Ian Brown and Robbie Williams muttering about translating their songs to capture the potentially vast Hispanic markets, it would be unsurprising if such a venture didn’t cause a mariachi-rattle of cynicism. Yet [a]Cypress Hill[/a] have sold 12 million albums, making them one of the most border-friendly hip-hop acts today – it’s highly unlikely they need the work. As an attempt to keep it real, it works a hell of a lot better than their current fixation with the grisly organ-transplant detritus of rap-metal. After all, they’re about to embark on a US tour with Limp Bizkit, a band who keep it real like Madam Tussaud.

It’s endearing to find that although the words have altered, the creeping irritancy the Hill exhale with every smoke-filled breath hasn’t been translated into a less annoying idiom. ‘Dr Dedoverde’ (aka ‘Dr Greenthumb’) and ‘Yo Quiero Fumar’ (‘I Wanna Get High’) are still like being dive-bombed by blunt-smoking cartoon wasps, while ‘Tres Equis’ is bad good-time funk, enough to send you loco en el coco. Yet on the dark-side trawl of ‘Marijuano Locos’ (aka ‘Stoned Raiders’), the propulsive spasms of ‘Tu No Ajaunta’ (‘Checkmate’) and the queasy of ‘No Entiendes La Onda’ (‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’), the non-Spanish speaker will find it easier to get lost in the dank mud and pond weed of the Hill‘s psychic swamp, without bouncing up against those grating inflatable rhymes.

It’s a very unacademic exercise, and all the more welcome for that. All we need now is Limp Bizkit to translate their greatest hits into English…