The Masterplan

The Masterplan


They don't make comebacks like this anymore....

THEY DON’T MAKE COMEBACKS LIKE THIS ANY MORE. DIET-pilled down to a lean hunk of leather-clad loveliness, Sex King Elvis stepped back from the brink of death by movie kitsch to reassert his supremacy on the fabled 1968 TV comeback special. Before the big event he limbered up sitting in a boxing ring with his old buddies, trading riffs and unleashing his indomitable brand of blues terror.

Released here in its unedited form for the first time, this is The Unplugged Of The Gods: pure Elvis, straight up, unadulterated. There’s lots of comic self-deprecation, the then current ‘Macarthur Park’ bearing the brunt of several El sideswipes, but driving the group is a monster rhythm guitar in ferocious, tigerish form. Grrrreat!

This package shamefully neglects to name his trusty henchmen – take a bow Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana – but is nonetheless another great image overhaul by the folk at Elvis central. F Scott Fitzgerald said there was no second acts in American lives. Elvis tramped that dictat into the ground in 1968. He’s still laughing at it 30 years on.