The [a]Lemon Jelly[/a] world is one of blissful ambient regression...

Nick Franglen and Fred Deakin (these ambient chill-out couplings always have appalling names), are the partnership who make up [a]Lemon Jelly[/a], whose three EPs to date are gathered together to make up this album. Fred is a DJ and designer, whose wobbly, bubbly graphics are a good visual transcription of the [a]Lemon Jelly[/a] sound, while Nick has worked with everyone from Primal Scream to Daphne & Celeste.

The [a]Lemon Jelly[/a] world is one of blissful ambient regression: to the Radox bubbles of ‘In The Bath’, to the imaginary tourist paradise in ‘Homage To Patagonia’, to the infantile joys of mid-morning TV, with tracks built around samples of kids’ wildlife documentaries and music tuition programmes (‘The Staunton Lick’) or extracts from a self-help tape (‘Nervous Tension’). You can feel your brain draining away as the hypnotic rhythms and candified synthetic overdubs draw you into their woozy vortex. [a]Lemon Jelly[/a] aren’t actually taking us to places we haven’t been before musically, yet there’s a difficult-to-pinpoint wit and discreet charm about their methods that tends to dissolve away objections.

By the time we reach ‘Kneel Before Your God’, taken from The Midnight EP, the musical brainwashing is pretty much complete and they’re leading you anywhere they choose.