Live At The Fillmore

Live At The Fillmore


If you like live albums and/or Cypress Hill, this is well worth purchasing...

Credit where credit is due – Cypress Hill have really hung in there. They ascended to the top of the rap tree and, unlike so many, have remained near the top for the best part of a decade. They’re also revered as one of the foremost live acts in hip-hop. Armed with a legion of hits, this album is a real treat for Cypress fans. Recorded live at the world famous Fillmore club in San Francisco, this album features all their big hits – ‘Insane In The Brain’, ‘Real Estate’, ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’, ‘A To The K’, ‘Hits From The Bong’, ‘(Rock) Superstar’ – and 11 others from their six albums.

As far as live albums go, this strikes the right balance between a reasonably polished recording and something that doesn’t lose the raw live vibe. Usually, the recording of live albums can be so bad, it’s horrible to listen to. Simply put, this album draws two questions: one, do you like live albums? Two, do you like Cypress Hill? If your answer to one or more of those questions is ‘Yes’, then this is well worth purchasing. If you answer ‘Yes’ to both, this album is [I]essential[/I] listening.

Derek A Bardowell