MOP: Warriorz (Loud)

MOP: Warriorz (Loud)


MOP show New York's hip-hop talent at its finest...

With pulsating hardcore beats, uncompromising lyrics and a verbal onslaught that will remind anorak-wearing hip-hop headz of early Kings Of Pressure tracks like ‘You Know How To Reach Us’, the ‘first family’ of Brooklyn’ – MOP – remain one of underground hip-hop’s foremost protagonists.

MOP can definitely still be commended for avoiding the modern-day curse of most NY rap acts that sell out to mass appeal as one of the few groups staying true to an original New York style of hip-hop, as illustrated by their choice of producers on ‘Warriorz’, among them DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Buckwild, DJ Scratch and DJ Rockwilder.

MOP show New York’s hip-hop talent at its finest – ‘Warriorz’ is a Who’s Who of New York hip-hop with more than an average number of stand-out tracks, including the excellent ‘Follow Instructions’, which uses the intro to Hendrix’s ‘Long Hot Summer Night’ as a musical canvas. And MOP’s satirical and often intelligent lyrics blend incredibly with the music – this has also stepped up MOP’s popularity at clubs, with tunes like ‘Ante Up’ and the infectious ‘Cold As Ice’ becoming this year’s dancefloor musts.

On their fourth full-length album, MOP fans and hardcore headz will not be disappointed, as they remain pantheons of consistency – but this is unlikely to win them a wider fanbase.

Derek A Bardowell